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* Each feature of the specification has been implemented successfully by at least two independent implementations.

* The Working Group has responded formally to all issues raised against this document during the Candidate Recommendation period.***Hope that helps, George Hi George, ...

Best Regards, George Hi George,thanks - yes, I'm aware of Saxon's 1.1 support and also checked over on their board.

A tool set like Oxygen - and of course it's competitors - are the ideal place to be a loudspeaker for 1.1 adaption, which I judge a major step forward in schema capabilities - not least because of the syntactic homogeneity compared to a Schematron solution and local embedding.

Scenarios for: XML Schemas =Schema_1_1I have set Global Scenarios.

However, what is the difference between a Global and a project scenario?

It is true that you do not have other support than validation in o Xygen.

At some moment we will start working on adding also XML Schema 1.1 support in o Xygen.

XSD 1.1 retains all the essential features of XSD 1.0, but adds several new features to support functionality requested by users, fixes many errors in XSD 1.0, and clarifies wording.indeed, I hoped somebody knew more Here it reads that Candidate Recommendation was reached long ago.But here, in the same archive it read that this was apparently not so. 31st, 2009 is then complete silence as far as I can tell.There are available also a few tutorials, check the ones from Roger Costello and Dave Pawson.However, as you probably know o Xygen includes Saxon Enterprise Edition and that offers along with the XSLT 2.0 and XQuery processors also an XML Schema processor that supports also the XML Schema 1.1 working draft, so you can use assertions if you use Saxon EE as the XML Schema processor (you can set that in o Xygen for example through a validation scenario).

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