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Sex dating in saltaire new york

I bought my first star on 1998,it was amazing it was choco praline extra strong fragrance,unique and so much bold...

Fragrance: 10/10 Performance: 10/10 (both for sillage AND longevity) Value: Good; she's very much worth her asking price or more.

The vanilla isn't super-forward on me, and it's more like a nice backdrop to also lend to the tasty nature of the scent without it actually smelling like food. One of my favorites...apparently it's not for everyone, but if you can work it, please do.

If you agree with me that this has been reformulated, I just created a forum section under "women's fragrances".

It's harsh and overbearing and it just honesty smells like B. But, I can see why this fragrance has a cult following.

It's polarizing in so many ways and a tad bit taboo.

The initial blast was all masculine and patchouli, but within 10 minutes it softened up. It was like someone had squirted Dior Addict into their unwashed armpits to try and mask the smell of sweat. I'll stick with Alien, which works wonderfully with my chemistry. For a day or so, my Vaniglia Mazzolari was the comfort I needed.

Not a test strip and definitely not from sniffing the nozzle. Never before have I seen a fragrance so mismatched with its name. I acquired a sample and did a small spray on my wrist. So I'd put it up to my nose, and that was a whole different story.

Inwore it for more than 10 years then, during my pregnancy I could not stand it, too heavy....Some will misread this as an insult but allow me to clarify: Wish is going to a midday chamber-orchestra performance.Mugler Angel is a night-time party at a rock concert.I'm not a big fan of Angel, but I do wear it from time to time.Three women I work with wear it so I never wear it to work, don't want to be matchy-matchy with others. I never owned a full bottle, always got by on minis and samples, that's how much I'd wear it.

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I recommend cautious, deliberately-slow application as in, spray once and wait a bit, several minutes before applying more as I firmly believe that Mugler Angel really IS that potent.