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Sdsu speed dating

And this is where it begins, as the next part of the blog is going to be a breakdown of the different types of people I would meet over the next hour, or at least the ones I remember, and the memorable conversations we had. But you’re not going to, you’re going to continue to read on, and still think I’m an asshole.Now, hopefully this doesn’t come off as mean, or me being a judgey jerk face. And I don’t even know what the word vomit I’m going to write yet, so this apology might be all for not. I wondered the outside patio looking like a lost puppy, as I read the name tags with note cards placed on each chair until I finally found my name tag, and sat down.6 minutes are up, the bell is rang, time to move onto the next one.Her voice was deep and raspy, she was heavy set, and swore like a pirate. She was dressed like she was going on Millionaire Maker, which is fine, but do you think Millionaire Match maker guys are coming to speed dating at BJ’s Brewery in Mission Valley?As it turns out, all the guys my friend and I assessed and judged in our 30 minutes predrink at the bar, weren’t even involved with speed dating. We make our way outside promptly at thinking we would be late, since the event starts at , but it only looked to be about half full.

So my over romanticize and idealized expectations for speed dating were pretty high. You get to meet 10 to 15 new females, on these 5-7 minute mini dates, and at the end you pick which ones you want to be your soul mate?

I asked her in what areas of San Diego she likes to go out in, she replied with “I don’t really go out in San Diego, I’m more of an L. She told me that she has been on a navy ship for almost 10 years, and she was a little out of the loop.

She then proceeded to tell me that there is online dating now.

We had great banter, decent conversation, but in the end I don’t want to be with anyone that makes me feel like I’m the delicate flower in the relationship. Her body posture said “I HATE BEING HERE AND TALKING TO YOU”, and the physical words out of her mouth said “I HATE BEING HERE AND TALKING YOU”. This girl literally, literally, started the conversation with “I’m kind of a lone wolf”.

I don’t understand what this person was doing here, like at all. And I was glad to hear and see, she had the same interaction with everyone, not just me. Considering the weekend before I was at a dive that resides between a fast food Mexican restaurant and laundry mat called the Cherrybomb , I don’t think it was going to work out for me and Ms. I kind of half awkward chuckled, and asked her what she meant.

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And at the end of the 7 minutes, we take one last lingering look deep into each other eyes, and we just know. It was kind of an irrational fear I kept playing over and over in my head.