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Rushnyk online dating

As a result the Ukrainian traditions are rich and deeply symbolic in their content Pre-Easter......PASKA - Easter Ritual Bread The most honored Easter bread was the paska and the preparation and baking of paska was considered one of the most important tasks of the year.

The Easter basket should contain: PASKA Place a candle into the center of the paska and light it when the priest begins the blessing ceremony.While the paska was in the oven no one was allowed to sit or make a loud noise for fear it would collapse in the oven.In some regions of Ukraine the man of the house stood guard in his front door lest someone enter and cast an evil spell while the paska was baking.A successfully baked paska brought great joy to the family.Wrapped in a rushnyk (ritual cloth), or placed in a basket, the paska was carried to church by the master of the house to be blessed in a ceremony following the Resurrection Mass on Easter morning.

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Most of these decorations were remnants of an ancient pagan religion tied to the cult of the sun and bread.

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