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Gary Long, a historian from Springfield, Mo., who has written five books on the Mc Coys, urged the Phisters to donate the spoon to the museum.“It means more to me now than it used to because I know more about it,” Phister said of the spoon.The spoon may not be that significant — certainly not as a mere eating utensil.

Museum officials said they hoped the spoon and watch would serve as conversation-starters on the Mc Coys’ contributions to Kansas history.Many networking sites, most prominently Linked In, are dedicated to employment opportunities.At the same time, there are several networks like Elance focused on hiring freelancers and finding freelance jobs instantly.Social networking sites are also being used to give students a support system at colleges, and to offer teachers a platform for collaboration with other teachers and communication with students outside the classroom.In today’s “freelance economy,” relationships and referrals are the anchor of business development.

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People learn about breaking news on social media, they participate and often times, they create the news.