My daughter is dating a convicted felon online dating motorcycles

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He looked into my room and I have a few pictures of me and my man on the mirror so I think he might be putting 2 and 2 together.

So I just wish us all the luck and that we get through this with our sanity intact.

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Florida.

I maintain primary physical residency for my 5 year and her Father has timesharing every-other weekend.

This is not an accident but (and the courts back me up here) a decision to endanger others. He made the decision to fight rather than run and he made the decision to use the knife handed to him. This, more than anything else, will expose in court the danger your fiancee represents.

Your fiancee stabbed a man to death in a drunken rage. You are willing to overlook a murder because you want this man in your life. Does your husband know now that his 5 year old child is in regular communication with an incarcerated felon?

I hooked up with my man a month after he was released. Right now, we have a temporary joint custody arrangement.

My ex has no idea that my boyfriend is in prison, but I have a feeling I will be right there with you when he does find out! Just 2 weeks ago he came over to drop off my son after a 2 hour visit.I am about to start going through the same thing as my ex just found out that my daughters are calling someone other than himself, daddy.He hasnt been in their lives since my oldest was 18 months, she is now 8. I already have the divorce but when he finds out my man is in prison, if he hasn't already figured it out, he will be so out of control.(I have chosen on my own, before the judge put the order in anyways that I wouldn't bring my daughter around him anyways until the divorce was final, not because I don't trust my boyfriend, but because I don't want to confuse my daughter right now, she's going through enough as it is.)Any tips or advice about this subject? But in my opinion you're doing the right thing by not bringing your daughter around until the divorce is final.Dont give your ex any ammo to use against you in court.

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Please tell me there isn't a picture of this child on a cell wall somewhere. And the OP thought that was being in the wrong place at the wrong time?!