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* Ulcerative Colitis is a disease that is characterised by inflammation and micro-ulcers in the superficial layers of the large intestine.* The inflammation usually occurs in the rectum and lower part of the colon, but it may affect the entire large intestine (pancolitis).

* Ulcerative colitis, especially when mild, can be difficult to diagnose because symptoms are similar to other intestinal disorders, most notably the other type of IBD called Crohn's disease and also irritable bowel syndrome.

I could however name people she’s been romantically linked to. Before that she was with the producer dude who I always assumed was Black because he has a Black-sounding name. And apparently he chose that name specifically because its Black sounding!

He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (Harper Collins). He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes.

But after the now-28-year-old tried to fight the impending reality that she would have to get a bag, she returned to Australia to reluctantly have the surgery.

'I bawled my eyes out, but I had it done,' she said.

Several months later, Ms Payne went off to university, where she met a student who she soon started dating.'It had been a big operation, and I had felt strange for a while afterwards as I could feel the plastic on my leg, and it was heavy when I stood up.

'But I was the healthiest I'd ever been, and so even though I was incredibly shy around new people, after I started dating this guy, I knew I wanted to tell him.

'He asked me why I would have a stoma [bag] if I had another option - he said it would be better to have a scar than a bag.'I guess it kind of grossed him out, but it left me feeling really horrible.

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