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Basically, the more complicated a story is, the better the characters have to be.

While there is some development due to the soul possession aspect of the story, it never really impacts on the overall narrative due to the "reset" at the end of each girl's arc.

There are also those that approach the subject of otaku in an imaginative, yet decidedly tongue-in-cheek manner.

The opening sequence is indicative of this ethos at work, and features some clever imagery that is well timed to match the changes in the theme song (God Only Knows, performed by Elisa).

The ending sequence is a bit more complicated as there are actually four tracks and sequences on offer.

Unfortunately there's one big flaw in Kami Nomi, and that's the lack of character development.

Normally this shouldn't really be an issue for what is effectively an otaku comedy/parody, but because of the inclusion of certain plot themes, aspects like characterisation and growth become more prominent.

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All of that changes when he answers a mysterious e-mail addressed to the God of Conquest (another one of his monikers), and subsequently meets the demon girl Elucia de Lut Ima (Elci).

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