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He predicts that those who hesitate to embrace Rind's conclusions may soon be considered "out of touch, narrow-minded, or worse, hateful" in broader society as has been the case with things that were once considered inconceivable like same-sex marriage and transgender children."With Rind's work published to little critique, the age of consent is faltering—now aided by multiple peer-reviewed publications," Regnerus said."Such laws were meant to protect the innocent and shield the vulnerable, but instead of these longstanding concerns, values like sexual exploration and autonomy have begun to emerge as linchpins of a 'healthier' sexuality at the same time as the language of public health and social science have come to dominate discourse in this domain."The normalization of adult-child sexual relations in scholarly works appears to be growing in the past few years.

The Christian Post reported in August 2016 that it came to the attention of prominent social conservatives and defenders of traditional marriage that SUNY-Fredonia philosophy professor Steven Kershnar published a philosophical "analysis" of sexual relationships between children and adults.

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So I do not have that instant “gringo effect” on them.