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RIGHT-CLICK THE MUSIC NOTES so that while you are viewing this page, you will be entertained by hearing the 1929 "Put and Take" jazz-swing musical composition performed by Joe Venuti's Blue Four, Eddie Lang on guitar.

Non-put and takes and non-bi-level tops: miscellaneous spinners. Note, after you click the picture, you may have to wait up to a minute for the video to download!

In addition, the developer's team is examining the feasibility of building a 1,000-bed student accommodation campus.

It will be located on what will be the best transport hub in the city.

The Dart's new underground headquarters will be located at the site, which will also link up to the Luas line, connecting it to Busarus, Connolly and Heuston train stations.

He also added it was his belief that they made a decision to "take it down, whatever the consequence and regardless of the cost to the taxpayer".

Mr Ronan also criticised government officials and claimed they "deferred to Nama, refused to meet us or get involved".

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As part of the ambitious plans, Ronan will develop over one million square feet, which will include four office complexes totalling over 550,000 sq ft; a four-star hotel, a five-star hotel and a major apartment complex for 165 new homes on the landmark six-acre site.

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