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In 1972, Sesto received his first "Disco de Oro" ("Gold Record") award.

That same year, he released the LP "Solo un Hombre" with songs like: Amor...

Amar, Fresa Salvaje, Como Cada Noche, Con Razón o Sin Razón y To Be a Man (for which he was nominated for the best foreign song award).

In 1973, he represented Spain in the second edition of the OTI Festival, which was held in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte.

Sesto sang in two pop bands during the 1960s and won a contest in a Madrid TV show.

He played a part in the Spanish filming of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

It is also quite well-known that he wears a wig, because how do you expect a man over sixty to have that much hair?

Also, he has done too much surgery to his face, which frankly makes him repulsive, but as Amy was drunk, she didn't care.

Algo de Mi reached the Number 1 slot in Spain and most of the Spanish speaking world, and it maintained that top position for a whole year in most of Latin-America.

In 2011, Sesto made what was supposed to be a comeback tour, but turned out to be a farewell tour. Basically, he screamed a few words, forgot the rest, and unsuccessfully attempted to remain standing.

Eventually he just gave up and looked for something to drink.

Camilo Blanes Cortés was born 16 September 1946, in the town of Alcoy, in the province of Alicante, situated in Spain.

His mother, father and neighbors were a bunch of unemployed drunks.

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